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Careers education, guidance and support are essential to life at Kingsmead School.  Indeed, one our four values that allow us to meet the vision of the school is employability. 

We are fully committed to delivering a valued, personalised Careers programme to all our students from the moment they begin secondary school to when they leave (post-16).


Kingsmead aims to help our learners to grow into leaders. 

Our careers strategy is designed to include all learners and bridge the skills gap both locally and nationally.  It has particularly focused on the business growth agenda for the local area.

ØWe educate students on the world of work and the various routes into it

ØWe signpost how learning in the classroom supports the skills needed in the work place

ØWe focus on the needs of our students and our local community to ensure they are successful citizens and demonstrate wider British values 

Our Careers Programme

Our careers programme builds around ‘Futures days’ which follow a theme for each year (see link in the menu).  This provides timely, relevant information at each stage along their Kingsmead journey.  These days are supplemented by a range of tutor time, pastoral and lesson based opportunities that link to the 8 Gatsby Benchmark and help students achieve their full potential and prepare for the world of work and further study.

We base our provision on the national recognised ‘Gatsby benchmarks.’

1.      A stable Careers Programme

2.     Learning from career and labour market information

3.     Addressing the needs of each pupil

4.     Linking curriculum learning to careers

5.     Encounters with employers and employees

6.     Experience of workplaces

7.     Encounters with further and higher education

8.     Personal Guidance

Since 2014 the Gatsby report redefined what education considered to be ‘quality’ in careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) in secondary schools.  The hard work and drive at Kingsmead school is currently being recognised as we move to achieve the Careers quality mark for our prioritisation and dedication towards high standards of careers provision.

For further details see the link:

Careers hub

We are currently pleased to be part of the Staffordshire LEP and through this taking part in the ‘Staffordshire Careers hub’ (pilot) funded by the Government.  The hub aims to share good practice and improve the Career provision across Staffordshire schools.  Even at this early stage the project supported Kingsmead students career provision by working closely with other schools and linking with additional employers.

Oxford hub

Kingsmead are the hub for Oxford University in the Cannock area.  Mrs Greenwood (Head of KS4) has helped to build our links with the university and we hold events, trips and admissions support for Kingsmead and a number of local schools

Employer links and interactions

We work closely with a large and varied number of providers, businesses and employers to ensure a varied, impartial and informed programme for our students.  We feel it is vital that we are up to date and ensure that the key skills required by local and national employers are developed within Kingsmead students.  We are currently working with three companies to co-design specific units of work from the national curriculum set in a work context. If you a provider, employer or work for a company that would like to be involved with careers at Kingsmead please follow the link menu attached to this page.

Our careers policy is found on our policies page with this link:

Our policy for access providers can be found with this link:

Mrs Julie Butler – Our in school Careers Advisor

“I offer independent and impartial careers advice for students of all ages at Kingsmead.  I have worked with our students here for a number of years and build strong relationships with them from when they started in Year 7.   My previous role and links made through the connexions service means I can discuss aspirations, job roles, post 16 options, university preparation and the world of work.  I sit on a number of local partnership bodies and hubs which allows me to regularly keep my guidance right up to date.  I see all students throughout their time at Kingsmead for 1 to 1 guidance interviews.  Indeed, I see more and more students from lower years who are inspired to consider their aspirations.  All Year 11, 12 and 13 students have at least one 1 to 1 interview in that year.  There are lunch time drop in sessions on a Wednesday for all years and I’m available for Sixth form drop ins on a Wednesday period 3.  I love my role and gain great satisfaction from seeing our students succeed, gain the university and college courses of their choice, gain degree apprenticeships and start their careers.  I am proud that we continue to work with students a long time after they have officially left us.  I believe this is a key reason why we currently have 0 students who are NEET.  I make sure I am available at the majority of parent events including partnership evenings and parents evenings.  We also run after school workshops which parents are welcome to attend if they let us know in advance.  If you have any queries or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at:”






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