Creating a revision timetable

Creating Your Revision Timetable: A Step by Step Guide

Step 1

·         Work out when you have your exams.

·         Add your exams to a Monthly Planner so you know which exams come first.

Step 2

·         Prioritise your subjects. Which subjects will take you longest to revise?

·         Focus on subjects you feel least confident in. Start revising these subjects first. These are the subjects that you need to work on.

Step 3

·         Limit yourself to studying TWO subjects per day.

·         Make a note of which subjects you will revise on each day. Record this onto your Monthly Planner.

Step 4

·         Identify which topics you will study on each day, and how long you will spend on them. Record this on your Monthly Planner.

·         Give yourself an evening off each week, and some time off at the weekend. Build in time to re-visit topics studied previously.

Step 5

·         Colour code your planners in a way that works for you.

·         You could use different colours for each topic.

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