Curriculum Statement

Our Intent

Our exciting and innovative curriculum provides a stimulating, varied and bespoke course of study that effectively prepares our students to take their next steps in life’s journey. Through our curriculum, we set broad roots in Key Stage 3 that enable students to branch out in Key Stage 4 and 5. At each stage we encourage students to develop a greater understanding of who they are and their place in the world.

Our curriculum is tailored to provide students with an engaging range of subjects, whilst also enabling them to develop cross-curricular skills and understanding. As they grow, our students have a range of opportunities to specialist according to their personal strengths, interests and ambition.

In Key Stage 3, students follow the National Curriculum with an emphasis on cross-curricular skills that develop the expertise students need in all aspects of academic study. Central to this curriculum offer is:

1.       The Arts Project – where all students have the opportunity to perform on stage and to showcase the skills they have developed in creative subjects;

2.       Reading – where we foster a love of reading and encourage all students to read as widely as possible;

3.       Transition – where we invest in our new students and set high expectations for the future.

Year 9 is a transitioning year where we offer a personalised curriculum that includes a wide range of enrichment activities from horse riding to Quidditch. In Year 10 and 11 students study from a wide range of GCSE and vocational subjects and focus on developing expert knowledge in their chosen specialisms.

In the Sixth Form, we offer a vibrant choice of subjects, along with timetabled enrichment, which enables students to further specialise their understanding in a variety of academic fields, leading to University or employment.

Through our curriculum, the core skills of resilience, innovation, mindfulness and employability are threaded in to the very fabric of the school. Extra-curricular activities, enrichments days, period 6, Saturday school, tutor time and activities week all contribute to weaving a rich tapestry that makes the curriculum offer at Kingsmead unique, challenging and relevant.

Our Implementation

Please see the attachment below to see how this intent is delivered at Kingsmead School.


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