Reading Magic

That excitement when the class finds out they're reading Harry Potter as part of their reading lessons!! #SmartStart #iamkingsmead 

Displays for Learning

It's not just the students making a positive start to the new term, staff have also been preparing their rooms to aid learning within lessons, like this display board showing an English writing frame to help with structuring answers. #SmartStart #mindful 


What a fantastic day with our motivational speaker, Paul Griffiths from Entrust. Our year 9s were hanging on his every word and truly felt inspired after the talk. He spoke of how you should focus on the positives and take every opportunity available. What an impact!

Ready... Go

A few minutes into the lesson and students are all ready to learn; knowledge planners out, about to start the first activity! That's a #SmartStart #mindful 

Smart Start

Our students are already making the most of our new school knowledge planners in form this afternoon, where they are logging onto their user areas ready and prepared to save many exceptional peices of work. 


Summer classroom

Come rain or shine, our staff are creating amazing interactive lessons in our summer classroom. Mrs Porter has given languages an innovative spin this morning with several carousel activities to engage and excite our learners. #innovative #valuesinaction 

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