Activity day - non-uniform and other FAQ

As we get closer to the end of the school year we are pleased to announce that students have been rewarded with 2 activity days.  During these days they will get to choose from a wide range of activities delivered by staff and outside providers.  The activities follow the school values whilst moving away from traditional lessons.  There is something for everyone and students will be shortly making their choices in tutor time.

A frequently asked question is regarding non-uniform.  We feel as these days are a treat for students responding so well to our expectations around mobile phones and the change of lunch times that we want to allow students to be in non-uniform.

We would insist however that non-uniform is appropriate.  A few students have respectfully asked whether they could wear crop tops on the day.  We feel this isn't in keeping with the activities we have on and aren't appropriate in school.  Tutors are reminding students over the next few days.  Clearly students who are not dressed appropriately may not be allowed to participate and we don't want that.


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