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Welcome to Kingsmead


It is a pleasure to welcome you to Kingsmead.   I am proud to be the Headteacher of a good school with excellent teachers and support staff who have one aim in common - to ensure that our students become the best that they can be.   Kingsmead is an ambitious school and we want our students to be successful and have aspirations whatever their ability.   Our staff are well qualified and committed to supporting all of our students whatever their needs are.  We know that the amount our students gain from being at Kingsmead depends on the amount of time and effort they invest.   We know that learning comes from trying hard and often from failing.   For this reason, we aim to challenge all our students to try hard, be willing to attempt work even when it seems difficult and where necessary to have another go in order to improve.  

Kingsmead is a very friendly school in which all of its young people are cared for and supported. Teachers welcome visitors to their classroom, students are positive and polite and there is a sense of order and purpose in lessons and around the buildings.   Our Student Support team work with individual students and small groups and are available to solve the problems which inevitably occur when 1250 students spend much of their time together.

We encourage our students to get involved in activities outside of the classroom and to make the most of the facilities, staff support and opportunities on offer. These include sports, clubs, drama, instrumental lessons and our Saturday School where there is a quiet place to work, computer and internet access and teachers on hand.   Our students take part in many trips and visits locally, around the UK and abroad to gain new experiences and to support their learning.

I hope that this introduction gives you a flavour of our school and that you will ask about anything that you want to know that is not in this booklet or on our website.


Mr I Bryant


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