Revision Topics


1.       Skeletal System

2.       Muscular System

3.       Levers, planes & Axes

4.       Cardiovascular System

5.       Respiratory System

6.       Aerobic & Anaerobic Exercise

7.       Short Term Effects of Exercise

8.       Long Term Effects (training) of Exercise

9.       Components of Fitness

10.   Principles of Training

11.   Optimising Training

12.   Prevention of Injury


English Language

Topics on the English Language Mock Exam - Paper 1 Section A and B

·         List four things from a specific part of the text (it be about a character, setting etc.)

·         Analyse the way writers use language to present a theme, character, event or setting.

·         Analyse the way structure is used to interest the reader.

·         Evaluate the extent that you agree or disagree with a statement made about the text.

·         Produce a description or narrative based on an image provided.


 English Literature

Revision of plotcharacters and themes of  'A Christmas Carol' and 'Power and Conflict Poetry'



Students should know, but it will be from the individual units covered:
-Elizabeth and Government 
-Elizabeth and the Catholic threat
-Elizabeth and Daily lives 
-Popular culture 
-Elizabethan adventurers.


Year 10  1 hour in length  1 question on each topic. Done in the Classroom




Plate Tectonics



Cliamte Hazards


Climate Change & Management


River processes

River profile

River features Erosion/Depsoition

Flooding and Flood Hydrogrpahs


Coastal eroision and depsoition landforms

Coastal management

Coastal processes

Costal mangement example

Urban Challenges


Challenges and Opportunities

Popualtion Change rural and urban areas




Area of Study 2 – The Concerto Through Time

Area of Study 4 – Film Music


10G Cz they will need to revise the following:

  • Economy and finance
  • The media and the free press
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • The Law

10B Cz they will need to revise the following:

  • The media and the free press
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • The Law
  • The legal System
  • Democracy and voting


Computer Science

System architecture:

  • Fetch execute cycle
  • Registers
  • Main memory (RAM)
  • Cache
  • Secondary storage (optical, magnetic and solid state)


  • Topologies (advantages and disadvantages)
  • LAN / WAN
  • Client-Server / peer-to-peer
  • Web hosting
  • Encryption methods

Data representation

  • Binary
  • Hexadecimal

Legal and ethical issues



Christian Practices, including: Church services, prayer, Easter, Christmas, Role of the Church, Mission and Growth, Poverty

Religion and life, including: Origins of the Universe and Humans, Pollution, Use and Abuse of the environment and animals, Euthanasia, Abortion, Life after Death


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