Year 7 End of Year Exams

Year 7 have begun their preparation for their End of Year Exams, an opportunity to demonstrate all of their quality learning over the course of the year.  Year 7 exams will take place from Monday 3rd June to Friday 14th June.  Before the Easter holidays, Year 7 had a ‘ How to revise actively and effectively’ assembly with Mr Truby and took part in specific sessions during tutor time all of that week, exploring how to develop resilience and handle exam stress, how to develop exam stamina, creating the perfect revision environment and how to revise in an active manner.

The PPT with all of these sessions is attached below along with the Year 7 exam timetable.  In addition, all students have a Revision Booklet where they have written up their own personalised revision timetable to help them plan effectively, ensuring ‘little and often’ and all subjects are given time and consideration.  There are hard copies of all revision material in the KS3 Hub which students can come and collect and all materials are also uploaded on Show My Homework for students and parents to access. This opportunity is vital for our students as they consolidate their learning and to be the best they can all be.

“ A desire to succeed is important, but being prepared for it is even more important”

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