Year 8 Exams

Year 8 have started to revise and prepare for their end of year exams.  The exams will take place between June 3rd - June 14th.  The timetable for the exams is attached at the bottom of the page.

The process started with students having an engaging and interesting assembly, which highlighted the importance of preparation, practice and revision for their exams.

Students then received their revision booklets in tutor time.  The booklet offers hints and tips for success in the exams as well as outlining different revision strategies.  Revision strategies will also be discussed in upcoming tutor time sessions.  Students will also be given hints and tips about how to manage their revision preparation, so that they build in time for themselves and breaks from revision, to keep themselves fresh and alert.  Students have had the opportunity to write out their own personal exam timetable in their exam revision booklet.  A copy of the booklet is also attached below.

Practice papers are available for students to use as part of their revision.  They can be found on the student shared area - Year 8 - End of year Exams - Exam Materials.  Each subject has its own folder.

Practice papers are also available from the KS3 Hub.  Students should collect these at break time or after school.

Year 8 students also have a revision challenge card.  When they complete some revision, be it flash cards, mind-maps, practice papers for each of their subjects, they then get their teacher to sign their challenge card.  If they get all subjects signed, they get a reward.

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