Year 8 Personalised Curriculum

We would like to thank everyone who attended the recent Personal Curriculum evening.  The evening was a huge success, with lots of our Year 8 students deciding what future path to take.  The Options booklet is still available on the Kingsmead website and on the intranet within school. The school intranet can also be accessed from home. If your child cannot access the online version they need to see Mr Broomhall. The Personalised Curriculum booklet explains the process for choosing which subjects they would like to study in Years 9 - 11.

Please talk to your child about the process and spend time reading through the book with them. You will see that we do not want to rush students and we encourage a dialogue with parents and subject teachers about their choices.  The deadline for students to make their preferred  choices on the website link is Wednesday 3rd April. It is vital that this deadline is met to give the school sufficient time to finalise teaching groups and staffing for next year.


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