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Year 11 – December Mock Examinations

The December mock exam season will commence from Thursday 26th November and will run until Monday 7th December.

This mock exam season differs to those that Year 11 have experienced before (i.e. their Year 9 end of year tests) in two important respects. Firstly, students will sit the mock exams at desks under the formal examination conditions, in the school’s Sports Hall and our other designated examination venues. The desks will be well spaced; the distance between the edge of each desk to any other will be 1.5 metres, so the actual difference between each student will be approximately 2 metres.

Conducting the examinations in the school’s designated venues and under examination conditions is an important part of our strategy for preparing the students for their exams in the summer. We have taken this decision because we want the students to have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the organisation of the exams in school and the regulations governing their conduct, which they will need to follow in the summer external exams.

Secondly, most exams are scheduled to take place during morning sessions. Students will sit two exams on most days. The first exam will start at 8.30am and the second will start from 10.45am. Once students have finished each of their morning exams, they will return to their timetabled lesson in the main school building, to continue with their independent revision. Also, we have ensured that students will still have a minimum break of 15 minutes between exams, wherever they have two scheduled in one day. Students are invited to bring any food and drink they wish to consume during their break between exams.

Exam Arrangements

Our reason for moving both exams to the morning is to maximise the time that the students have for revision. From Thursday 26th November to Thursday 3rd December, teachers will deliver 60-minute revision sessions (between 1pm and 3pm), the day before each of the exams. Students will attend their normal period 5 lessons, where they will revise for their option subject exams. The period 6 timetable has been changed, so students can attend revision sessions for their core subjects (please see timetable below).

Dec mocks P6 table

The students will then leave school at 3pm, so they can continue with their revision independently, at home. To support them with this, their teachers will also set appropriate revision activities for them to complete at home, via show my homework and the other platforms which we use.

Even though students will be sitting their exams during the week, Kingsmead School’s expectations remain the same:

>> Students must wear their full school uniform at all times during the mock exam season (Thursday 26th November – Monday 7th December).

>> Students should still arrive at school for no later than 8.20am – this so they can arrive at their exam venue in good time and can make an orderly start.

>> Students should go to the toilet before each exam and they should allow time in their journeys and preparation to do this.

>> Students must bring all of the equipment they will need to each exam – you can find more information in the school’s Student Guide to Exams 2020-21, which is available at the bottom of this page.

>> After their afternoon revision session, the students will be expected to leave the school site and revise independently at home.

Apart from the GCSE Art students (who will undertake their exam), Y11 students will return to normal lessons from Monday 7th December.

However, in-school sessions are not a substitute for the revision students need to do out of school. It is important that your child continues to revise independently at home throughout their remaining time in Year 11. As parents, you have an important role to play in encouraging and supporting them as they do this.

Your child can revise in many different ways. Firstly, they will continue to have access to all the resources in school e.g. flash cards and past papers. They should already be revising independently using the texts books that they were provided with. They can also use online revision resources, such as GCSEPod.

For questions about the mock exam arrangements, please contact Mrs Gunner (examqueries@kingsmeadschool.net). If you have any subject specific questions, please contact the class teacher.


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