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KS4 Jstor Programme

In Key Stage 4, students are challenged to complete the JSTOR programme. This is a series of challenges based on developing the following key skills: 

  1. Business
  2. Communication
  3. Creativity
  4. Initiative
  5. Leadership
  6. Planning
  7. Self management
  8. Teamwork


These skills are integral to supporting students for a successful future and especially to be successful in the EPQ in KS5. 

For each of the skills, there is a research activity for students to complete using the JSTOR programme. Click here to find out more about JSTOR. 

Kingsmead is proud to be able to offer students the opportunity to use JSTOR as the software is used in nearly every university in the UK and this supports students in their transition between sixth form and university. 

KS5 Using JSTOR in the EPQ

In KS5, students are encouraged to complete the EPQ given they have strong grades. Using JSTOR will be integral to getting a good grade in the qualification. Otherwise, JSTOR plays an integral part in encouraging students to read. 

We strive to encourage students to follow the 3 book rule which is where if a student reads 3 books in a specific area e.g. the causes of world war 1, they become an expert as they know more than 99% of the population. Imagine how many fields you could become an expert in and set no limitations for yourself. Read, read and do more reading. 

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