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Maths Innovation Room

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Nestled in the heart of the school, our Maths innovation room attracts ‘mathmagicians’ of all ages to enjoy the Magic in Maths.
The aim of this innovation room, like all our innovation rooms, is to spark the creativity and enthusiasm of our students to explore their learning in a purpose-built environment.

Inside students can explore ‘goal-free’ problems on ceiling to floor length chalk boards as well as play mathematical games like chess and Japanese card games. Large back lit pads allow for groups to map out potential answers together with 6 formers on hand to provide their expert help.

Our Maths innovation room is available during and after school. Students are introduced to it through Maths lessons and complete quick quizzes in there on the suite of computers as part of an induction programme at the beginning of the year.

Year 8 student: “The innovation room is really cool. I like how you can go in there with your friends and we get to use all the equipment inside.”

Year 7 student: “I love Maths. It’s fun and we get to try out solving maths problems. The club on a Friday is brilliant and I can’t wait for next weeks.”

Parent visiting: “Wow, I never had anything like that at school. No wonder they like Maths here. It’s marvellous.”


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