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Progress Reports

Students’ progress reports are issued once every half-term for each year group. Reports will usually be issued electronically via Go4Schools and a notification of their publication will be sent to you via ParentPay.

Key Stage 3
The progress reports will show the students’ expected (group average) percentage score for each subject, as well as their own current percentage scores. The ‘Expected Score Check’ column will confirm whether the pupil’s current percentage score is::

 Above expected (above the expected score)
 Met expected (meeting the expected score)
 Below expected (below the expected score)

*Some students may be ‘Well below …’ or ‘Well above …’ in a subject.

There is also a single Attitude to Learning score for each subject. These scores reflect the extent to which your child has met with their teachers’ expectations. A full explanation of these Attitude to Learning scores can be found on the website here.

So that all students can experience success, we will also report your child's current percentage score rank, or whether their score is the first, second or third highest in their prior attainment group. You can see an example of these 'Rank' scores in the image below.


The ‘Attendance Information’ section states your child’s current session percentage attendance, as well as counts of any authorised and unauthorised absences (accurate on the date of printing). The attendance pie chart (see below) displays this information visually. Finally, the ‘Behaviour Information’ section lists the number of positive XP and negative Prep / R&R sessions your child has accrued so far this academic year.

Progress Reports


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