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Blended Learning

Update 29/09/2021 - If you have not yet collected your laptop, then please ask your son/daughter to return the below form to ICT Support (next door to C02) and arrangements will be made for them to collect it at the end of the day.

Here is the form that an adult will be asked to sign before collecting - please read ahead of collection and email any questions to blquery@kingsmeadschool.net.

Student FreedomTech Device Agreement 2021

What is blended learning?

Blended learning describes using technology such as laptops as a tool alongside more 'traditional' teaching methods. Students can use computer devices in the classroom providing additional support for those that need it and stretching those who have grasped concepts quickly.

How does Kingsmead support this?

Kingsmead has a blended learning platform. This allows students to access a 'virtual online classroom.' We can enhance what we do in the classroom. This provides us the chance to individualise challenge and support as well as ensuring students have access and use from home.

What's on the blended learning platform?

It was important that we had a flexible and user-friendly system so we have used Microsoft Sharepoint to produce our own virtual learning environment. We have populated it ourselves including worksheets, exam paper and mark schemes, videos, games that have all been designed or sourced by our staff. Everything has been checked so you and we know the material is relevant for the courses Kingsmead students take.

How do we access the blended learning platform?

You access the blended learning platform using the letter sent through ParentPay. You can also access it through the school intranet. This is available when connecting to the internet at Kingsmead. To access the intranet from home, students log onto www.kingsmeadschool.net. They go to the log in tab at the right of the home page. Students log on using their unique Kingsmead student username and password.

Read more about Blended Learning here.

Attached below is a link to view a short video explaining how to access the blended learning platform.

What if my child doesn't have a laptop or computer to access the blended learning platform?

Kingsmead are proud to partner with Stone Group and Freedom Technology to offer parents a laptop scheme whereby you can purchase a laptop through the school. These devices are chosen to enable students to access all the content needed for their learning, and to last at least three school years. They also come with extended (3 year) warranties and insurances, so you can have peace of mind that they are protected should there be any accidents or faults. Payment is flexible and can be one sum, or spread over up to three years.

Read more about your questions on Blended Learning and the student device scheme here

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