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Drama and Performing Arts
Miss H. Keyte

To build key Performance skills and feed these skills through SOL (Golden threads) from year 7 through to year 13.
To build confidence and communication skills to make students employable and innovative.
To inspire students and to encourage creativity.
To build their team work skills.


Year 7

Autumn Term
Introduction to Drama
Harry Potter

Spring Term

Summer Term
Putting on a show

Year 8

Autumn Term

Spring Term
Wendy and Peter Pan by Ella Hickson

Summer Term
Physical Theatre

Year 9

Autumn Term
Acting Skills
Theatre Styles

Spring Term
DNA by Dennis Kelly

Summer Term
Stage Combat


Year 10

Autumn Term
Component 1 (Acting Naturalism)
Component 1 (Contemporary Dance)

Spring Term
Component 1 (Musical Theatre acting)
Component 1 (Musical Theatre dance)

Summer Term
Devising Drama (Mock)
Dance Choreography (Mock)

Year 11

Autumn Term
Component 2 Acting Skills
Component 2 Dance Skills

Spring Term
Component 3 Devising Drama
Component 3 Dance Choreography

Summer Term
Component 3 Devising Drama
Component 3 Dance Choreography


Years 12 and 13

Autumn Term
Theatre Practitioners
Unit 2 Developing Skills and Techniques for Performance

Spring Term
Unit 2 Developing Skills and Techniques for Performance
Unit 1 Investigating Practitioners work

Summer Term
Devising Drama
Unit 19 Applying Acting Styles

How does this subject develop the whole child?

Contribution to RSE/LIMB/Pledge
Students learn to work together on projects combining creative ideas, offering feedback, rehearsing independently and gaining confidence to perform in front of others. Classes improve verbal and non-verbal communication. We help to improve vocal projection, articulation, tone of speech and expression. We develop listening and observation skills.

Cultural Capital Development
Students study plays looking at a variety of contextual influences. They learn about important times in history and are able to articulate this.
Social issues within contemporary plays, looking a consent, power, stereotypes, love etc.

Cross Curricular Links and Projects
In Drama and Performing Arts lessons students study Melodrama which links to history and the Victorian era, in year 8 they study the musical Hamilton which focuses on the historical events of Alexander Hamilton. Students study 19th century naturalism, Epic theatre which links to political theatre and WW2. They study a variety of plays which links to English literature.

Opportunities to develop your Leadership Skills through this subject
Students learn to direct their own pieces and take ownership of their ideas to create original pieces of work.

In 6th form many students are working as classroom assistants to help support lower school lessons.

During productions we develop students leadership with opportunities to work backstage and help stage manage shows.

Activities you will complete in this subject linking to the Kingsmead Edge
Students will be given the opportunity to audition for a lead role in the whole school production.

As part of the whole school production students will help to deliver workshops to feeder Primary schools.
Students study Melodrama and fairy tales and will have the opportunity to create a performance with a moral message.
In Dance lessons students are set tasks to lead their own warm-up for the class and understand the importance of warming up before physical activity.
6th form students are given the opportunity to take a lead with KS3 Drama club.

Links to developing extended writing, reading and numeracy
Extended writing is developed within theory lessons, using the English writing frame of PETER paragraphs to write logbooks on rehearsals and enable students to analyse their own performances.

Exam Boards and Links
BTEC Performing Arts Tech Award
BTEC Performing Arts Extended Certificate

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