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Miss K. Powell

Being able to ‘think like a Geographer’ allows us to understand our place within the world in which we live. Explaining how interactions, processes and places shape the world. Through outdoor learning, students will get the opportunity to encounter geographical concepts and complete enquiry-based work to encourage them to love the subject and become ‘earth readers’, even when not in the classroom. By doing so, they will demonstrate the habits of resilience, innovation, employability and mindfulness through a challenging and interesting curriculum. As a result, developing high quality critical thinking learners with deep rooted world subject knowledge.


Year 7

Autumn Term
Born Survivor

Spring Term
Fantastic Places

Summer Term
Living World

Year 8

Autumn Term
Uneven Planet

Spring Term
Crowded Earth

Summer Term
Sub Zero

Year 9

Autumn Term
Map Skills

Spring Term
Tectonic Hazards

Summer Term
Climate Hazards and Climate Change


Year 10

Autumn Term
Urban Challenges

Spring Term
Coastal Landscapes
River Landscapes

Summer Term
Economic World
Fieldwork Experience

Year 11

Autumn Term
Living World - Ecosystems
Cold Environments

Spring Term
Energy and Resources


Years 12 and 13

Autumn Term
Transition Skillls
Hazards- Tectonic Climatic and Wildfires

Spring Term
Ecosystems under Stress
Changing Places

Summer Term
Changing Places
Global Governance

How does this subject develop the whole child?

Contribution to RSE/LIMB/Pledge
To consider social issues and evaluate the impact on people and places.

Cultural Capital Development
Being an 'Earth Reader' - exploring the world outside allows geography to come alive. Students are encouraged to visit the seaside or Cannock Chase and experience living geography.

Cross Curricular Links and Projects
English- Travel Writing Year 7
Ebacc- History of Chocolate
Music- Rainforest Music- Year 4,5 and 7 (Transition)

Opportunities to develop your Leadership Skills through this subject
Debating skills
Analytical Skills- Qualitative and Quantitative Data
Decision Making Skills

Activities you will complete in this subject linking to the Kingsmead Edge
Kingsmead DofE Award- map skills

Links to developing extended writing, reading and numeracy
Students n Geography will develop skills in extended writing in all topics. Using the stepped writing approach, students plan and analyse questions, plan a structure and then write a detailed response.

Exam Boards and Links
GCSE Geography AQA
A level Geography AQA

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