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Mrs A. Lowe

The vision for our law students is that they will develop a passion for the law and understand how the law touches every aspect of our daily lives. Students will study both civil, criminal, and family law which will help them to progress to higher education and professional qualifications, either in law, criminology, the criminal justice, or another sector. It will also help students to progress to employment in the legal profession or in other forms of business. Whilst studying Law at Kingsmead they will develop problem-solving skills and legal research skills. They will use these research skills to investigate the way in which the law is developed and applied. They will have the opportunity to apply the relevant law to a scenario involving a crime. In addition will develop their decision-making and communication skills, as they may have to decide how to advise clients or how the police should respond to a particular situation. They will also develop analytical and critical-thinking skills. Overall, our vison is to ensure that all of our students develop the skills, character and academic understanding to become a well rounded individual serving their community as well as the ability to move forward into their chosen field.


Years 12 and 13

Autumn Term
Y12-Unit 1 Disputing Solving in Civil Law
Y13- Unit 3 Applying the Law

Spring Term
Y12-Unit 2 Investigating Aspects of Criminal Law and the Legal System
Y13- Aspects of Family Law

Summer Term
Y12-Unit 2 Investigating Aspects of Criminal Law and the Legal System

How does this subject develop the whole child?

Cultural Capital Development
Cultural Capital is developed through external visitors coming into school and external visits; for example to courts. Our students are also taking part in a Mock Trial competition in Birmingham with the final being in London this year . They will be required to take on the roles of professionals in the legal system ultimately presenting their case to real judge..

Cross Curricular Links and Projects
This subject links with Criminology, and Psychology in terms of academic development. In addition students will work with Performing Arts, Media, Music ,Art, and Technology in the development of projects in the Murder House.

Opportunities to develop your Leadership Skills through this subject
Undertaking roles within the criminal justice system in school.
Academic mentoring of students in Y12 by Y13 students.

Links to developing extended writing, reading and numeracy

Extended writing will be developed through all units taught but in particular Unit 2: Investigating Aspects of Criminal Law and the Legal System and Unit 4 Aspects of Family Law

Exam Boards and Links
BTEC Applied Law

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