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Awarding grades in Summer 2021

 Kingsmead School Summer 2021 Centre policy

As you may already know, the Summer 2021 GCSE and A-Level examinations have been cancelled.

The Department for Education (DfE) and the exams regulator (Ofqual) have consulted on how GCSE and A-Level grades should be awarded this year. Their decision was that students will be awarded grades by their teachers - teacher assessed grades (or TAGs). Schools have been told by the Government that the TAGs cannot be predictions – or the grades that teachers think your child could have achieved. Instead, the TAGs will be a holistic professional judgement, balancing different sources of evidence which accurately reflect your child’s current level of work.

The specific evidence used by teachers will vary from qualification to qualification (we will share this information with you via our school website later this week). However, there are common pieces of evidence, or standard evidence, that will be used by almost all of your child’s teachers. These include:
 Autumn mock exam results;
 March assessments;
 any coursework or component exam results the students have already achieved;
 records of practical performance (in GCSE PE, Music Art etc.); and
 the forthcoming May assessments


Our JCQ and the awarding bodies have provided the following support for students and parents.



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