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Student Leadership

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At Kingsmead School we believe in nurturing innovation and high quality learners through the development of personal strength and leadership. All students will be given the chance to develop their leadership skills and personality characteristics in preparation for a contemporary and challenging world. We strongly believe that leadership and personal development are connected; great leaders are people with good personal strength, resilience, innovation and mindfulness.

The qualities we develop allow students to live, collaborate and learn with others with a positive and mindful moral code. The programme enables students to recognise how to behave morally, for the right reasons and in the correct way.
At Kingsmead School we have a specific set of values that underpin all aspects of school life. Our values are: Resilience, Innovation, Mindful and Employability

The aim of our programme is to make sure that our students are able to thrive and become their best self. We ensure students know what it is that makes a good and mindful person. This happens in a number of ways, some of which include:

- Working in and supporting the local community
- Understanding and following laws and rules
- Respecting and standing up for the rights of others
- Being mindful or others and their property
- Taking responsibility for their own actions

During the academic year all students are educated in leadership, public speaking, resilience, innovation, mindfulness and employability. They get the opportunity to take part in the democratic process, voting for representatives, leaders and captains. These tutorials and activities not only take place in lessons but in a purpose built tutor group curriculum.



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