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Eco Club

The Eco-Committee at Kingsmead are proud to be part of student leadership team, where mindfulness and a demonstration of employability skills has helped to develop high quality learners,

who show a huge social responsibility in educating others about climate change. Our team, made up of all years, are proud to be part of a group who want to educate other young people on how to build themselves a brighter and more sustainable future.

Eco Club 2

 This enables all of the students who take part, an opportunity to develop their leadership, social and communication skills in preparation for their lives within the wider community and world, where we believe they will continue to promote their climate ethos and values in helping to make the conservation of the planet at the heart of everything they do.

We strongly believe that the development of individuality, identity and personality to enable the students to become rounded human beings is closely linked to the development of their leadership and personal skills; it is well identified that all good leaders have the skills to empathise, reflect, show resilience and innovation in driving new ideas forward and challenging the status quo. At Kingsmead we want our eco-committee members to really feel that they can change the world and that they can make a difference, not just withing their communities, but within the wider world, just like Greta Thunberg can!

Eco Club 3

Alongside all of this, we want our members to act like the role models they should, leading other pupils to have higher aspirations and to encourage others to have a curious mind. Our members are there to demonstrate that you should always have a voice and that its more than acceptable to stand up for what you believe in and to have a strong moral code.

 The aim of the Eco-Committee is to ensure that the students have access to extra-education, an extra-curriculum and an extra-ethos that will give them a place and a purpose on an ever changing planet.


If you would like further information or could help us to team up with further community projects then please contact Mrs Small - l.small@kingsmeadschool.net.


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