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Kingsmedia is our ‘in-house’ production company. It grew out of a desire to create professional media output and train the students to take their skills to a new level. It is more of a movement than a ‘club’ with students getting involved with projects when they are happening.

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The work that is done in Kingsmedia is varied and all about multi-media output. We are constantly producing high quality photographic images for use around the school and on social media platforms and publications; sound recordings including podcasts; videos for use in lessons; interviews; sporting events; curriculum requirements like music exam performances, PE leadership qualifications and school shows and concerts.

Students learn to work in teams, to gather articles for example. They learn new techniques including how to use professional quality equipment that is made possible by our commitment to developing our core values through the RIME funds that are available. Students can collaborate on interviews, learn how a photography studio works, how to use sound equipment and synchronise video images with separately recorded soundtracks.

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Kingsmedia started in the first COVID lockdown with a new magazine called KNG-2020. Students wrote extended articles on mental health issues, lifestyle articles about music and physical health and much more. It was a way of celebrating the high quality of work that continued during these lockdown periods and helped keep the students feeling part of school and ‘together’ in a period where isolation was more normal. The Poet Laureate scheme in school came about in this period too and we could showcase the amazing poetry that our students produce. There was always an art showcase too. Since September this has now become the newsletter for the whole school, going out every half term. You can find the latest version on the home page of the website and via the link below.

The new photography studio means that we will be starting up a ‘club’ so that students can learn new skills. The chroma-key room is now back up and running so we can develop productions including a proposed news channel. Videos by our staff and students for use in lessons have started to be produced and this will expand through the school to further enhance the offering on the Blended Learning Platform. As long as it is high quality, we will continue to put the name of Kingsmedia to our school output so that we can not only showcase our fantastic students at work but also the amazing multimedia work that they will produce with their new skills.

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