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Student Council

The Student Council is made up of a broad range of Kingsmead Students. This allows us to gain the opinions and judgments from students who have different talents, skills, abilities and passions. ​

The council is led by Miss Pearce along with the Head Boy and Head Girl. They are supported by the Deputy Head Boys and Girls, and the Sixth Form Leadership Team. Following them are 2 representatives from each of a student Leader teams, ranging from Lead Learners, Sports Captains and the Wellbeing Team etc.​

The council have devised their own School Improvement Plan using their own judgements and the areas highlighted by the School’s Improvement Plan. Four targets, which link to the RIME values, are worked on throughout the year. Each one starts with intent, students plan what they can do to make improvements, this then follows through to implementation of their ideas, making those improvements and finally, students measure the impact their improvements have had, reporting to the Senior Leaders on a termly basis.​

The student council were asked to design and deliver a Student Charter. Each member of the student council wrote their own set of criteria, what they believed were important expectations of the students, student leaders and the staff. These were collated, discussed and narrowed down to five expectations for students, student leaders and staff. We now have our own charter on display around the school.​

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