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SEN Information

Special Educational Needs Report 2020-21

Staffordshire Local Offer
Please see the link to Staffordshire County Council's 'Local Offer'.

Background Information
Kingsmead School is a fully inclusive mainstream school located in Hednesford on the edge of Cannock Chase. We offer a variety of provision for students with additional needs to ensure they make progress.

The SEN department is made up of a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo), an Assistant SENCo, and a team of six Teaching Assistants. All of the Teaching Assistants support our students in cycle three in addition to supporting specific students with education, health and care plans (EHCP) across the school.

In school we cater for a variety of SEN students. This includes students with difficulty in literacy and numeracy, social, mental, emotional health and behaviour issues, physical and sensory disabilities, speech and language barriers, weak comprehension, Autism Spectrum Condition and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This highlights the most common needs at Kingsmead but is by no means an exhaustive list.

SEN Identification
All students are assessed on entry to Kingsmead School. Any student that produces results that are a cause for concern will then be looked at on a case by case basis. They may receive further testing to identify a specific additional need or a referral may be made to an external specialist to investigate the potential barriers to learning further.

If any member of staff or parent raises a concern about a student, further information is gathered and the student will be screened to ensure the right provision is made available. Students may also raise concerns about themselves too. All students are treated as individuals to ensure they get the right support. Staff can report learning concerns through the electronic ‘Learning Concern’ referral system.

When students enter Key Stage 4, evidence is gathered in support of exploring the potential for access arrangements. Access arrangements are usually awarded during key stage 4 but we do encourage teaching and support staff to also use their judgement in the award of access arrangements in class too.

In addition to concerns around progress, students are added to the SEN register when:

  • They are working with an external agency for a difficulty that could hinder school progress
  • They have an identified area of weakness from a school test
  • They have a diagnosis of need from an external professional involved in their care

Assessing SEN Students

Students are streamed into ability groupings. Those with specific barriers to learning are tested more regularly throughout the year. This is to ensure students are making a suitable amount of progress.

Teaching of Students with SEN
Kingsmead School strives to be inclusive and nurtures the philosophy that every teacher is a teacher of SEN. Staff have received specific and ongoing training to cater for less able students so they are able to access the curriculum as a whole. Training is provided throughout the year and specialist staff teach specific groups. Staff, ‘scaffold’ their lessons to ensure all students can access the lesson. Individual student needs are met using specific strategies that are identified on individual ‘One Page Profiles’. All students who are identified as SEN create a ‘One Page Profile’ with key SEN staff. This aids the classroom teacher in understanding the needs of the students so they can be catered for in a meaningful way, to ensure they make more consistent academic progress.

Additional support is provided for SEN students
Students with SEN receive additional support from:

  • Teaching Assistants in the classroom
  • Small Group Interventions
  • 1:1 interventions and mentoring
  • Working with external specialists

Evaluation and Review of SEN

SEN is reviewed and evaluated through the School Improvement Plan. The SENCo provides reports to the named link governor termly to share the successes and areas of improvement. This information is cascaded to the whole governing body. A yearly audit on SEN is completed as part of the whole school evaluation and areas of improvement are identified and addressed to continue to improve the school’s SEND provision. Students with an EHCP are always fully involved in their annual review process. A regular SEN student voice captures the opinion of students which helps to further shape and refine the ‘SEND offer’ at Kingsmead.

Contact Details of SENCo and Assistant SENCo
Mr D Farrell (SENCo) - d.farrell@kingsmeadschool.net
Miss N Harding (Assistant SENCo) - n.harding@kingsmeadschool.net
If you wish to speak to either member of staff an appointment can be made through the school office. Alternatively if you wish to speak to a member of the SEN team contact 01543 227320.

The SENCo has completed National Award for Special Educational Needs Co-ordination (SENCo’s). The Assistant SENCo has completed a course to administer Psychometric testing for Access Arrangements in school. Both courses are level 7 qualifications. Specific training for all support staff is scheduled and delivered throughout the school year.

Representation of SEN Students and Parents
There are a wide range of opportunities for SEND students to engage in all aspects of school life including joining the student leadership team, representing a sports team, attending over 80 enrichment opportunities available across our 2 week timetable or honing in their acting skills as part of a school production!

Student voice activities are performed regularly where SEND students are consulted about their experience of school in order to further shape their experience and success at Kingsmead.

Complaints relating to SEN provision
In the first instance, if a parent is unhappy with the provision provided by the school, they should contact the school SENCo. If the complaint cannot be resolved or the parent is unhappy with the resolution the parent should follow the school compliments, concerns and complaints procedure by clicking here.

The Assistant SENCo arranges transition of all students identified with SEN. All of the students will be offered a specific programme of additional support that is implemented on a case by case basis. With those students moving into key stage four they will be offered additional support in school and each student will be able to seek advice and guidance from SEND staff, a form tutor or member of the pastoral team. Kingsmead School supports all students that are moving into further education, employment or training. This is done in collaboration with the Assistant SENCo and other pastoral staff in school: Information, Advice and Guidance to ensure all of the students from Kingsmead School can reach their full potential is available via our ‘in-house’ independent advice and guidance counsellor who is based near the pastoral hub.

Additional transition support may include:

  • Extra visits to Kingsmead School
  • One to one support
  • Specific SEN primary liaison activities
  • SEN information for students and parents
  • Holiday School / Saturday School work
  • Additional visits to local colleges
  • Survey of information when students’ progress onto post 16 courses.

Working with external agencies

Kingsmead School work with a variety of external agencies including:


Contact Information

Phone Number

County Assessment Team


01785 356921

Families’ Health and Wellbeing Service (0-19)


01543 431586

Local Support Team


01543 512333

Educational Welfare Service


01543 512333

Parent Support Worker


01543 512333

Autism Outreach



01785 356830

Children’s Development Centre

http://www.nhs.uk/Services/clinics/MapsAnd Directions/DefaultView.aspx?id=102551

01785 223140

Speech and Language Therapy


01543 509796

Careers Advice Service





01785 221665

Women’s Aid


0870 2700123

Targeted Youth Support


01543 512333

Social Services


0300 111 8010 Emergency out of hours: 0345 604 2886

Visual Impairment Team


01785 356830

Hearing Impairment Team


01785 356830

Reasonable adjustments
Students that have specific needs have reasonable adjustments made for them in a variety of ways in school. This can range from having work copied onto a different coloured paper to the re-timetabling of a class to ensure students can all reasonably access the allocated classroom space.

Students regardless of need or ability are encouraged to take part in activities outside the classroom. The school offers in excess of 80 opportunities for students to pursue enrichment opportunities each week. These enrichment opportunities take place at break times, lunchtimes and after school as well as wider educational trips and visits that are carefully planned throughout the school year.

Pastoral Care
KS3 Hub upstairs by the staff room
KS4 Hub in B07
SEN office B13
All reported incidents of bullying are taken seriously and actioned swiftly.

Looked after children
The designated teacher for LAC is Mr D Farrell (SENCo) - d.farrell@kingsmeadschool.net

All students have regular Personal Education Plans created in collaboration with other professionals working with the student and their family. School staff and Social Workers decide on how students Pupil Premium Plus funding will be spent on a half-termly basis, in order to support the educational outcomes of the young person.

Any parent who has a child with an EHCP should contact the school SENCo to discuss admission arrangements. This will ensure they can be advised on the correct method of application for their child. The Local Authority work closely with the school when Kingsmead is a named for provision for a child with an EHCP.

Further information can be found in the school’s accessibility plan:

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