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Student Device Proposal and Blended Learning

At Kingsmead, student and parent feedback on this is very important to us. We feel it is vital that we try to gauge how we can continue to improve and better provide for the students in our care.  It is through this feedback, along with what research shows us works, that we will be able to ensure every child can grow to be the best that they can be.

Blended learning in this context should not be confused with the similar named approach by some National assemblies as a Covid-19 response. At Kingsmead we are looking at blended learning as the use of technology in and outside of the classroom and not, as recently reported to also mean the alternation between time in school and at home.

We have carefully studied everything that is available on using devices to accelerate learning.  We have explored and thought about both the positives and the negatives. We have learnt from other schools that have explored this learning approach; hoping to replicate what was successful and equally avoid any mistakes. 

All that we can try to do is what we believe is right, together with listening to you and adjusting what we do in response to you feedback. Ultimately this is about choice. There will be no expectation to have either a device or a locker. It is you and your child’s choice. We are offering a service, one which we feel will further support learning at Kingsmead.

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Please find copies of the letters we have sent regarding this topic listed below.

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