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Vision and Journey

Our Vision

At Kingsmead we understand that each child is unique: we strive to unlock the potential every person has no matter what role they hold within our school. We do this by removing any barriers to success, recruiting the best staff and challenging them to be outstanding in their day-to-day practice. We demand the highest commitment from teachers, governors and students.

We do this for our students, parents and local community and believe that our values; resilience, innovation, mindfulness and employability will help us reach this goal.

Kingsmead is a school for taking chances, it is a school to excel in, it is a school that will always challenge you to try harder, to do better, to be honest with yourself and proud of what you achieve.

Our Values

Our values help build our students' character and achieve our school vision.  They are:





At Kingsmead we all share these values and we like to show it in everything we say and do. We take pride in finding every individual's talent and making them the best that they can be.

It is our obsession.

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