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Kingsmead is a place where you can feed your imagination and grow through a range of enrichment and social activities as well as the curriculum and lessons. Here you can read about just some of our extra-curricular activites. Come and see for yourself!

Arriving at Kingsmead you will be greeted by our amazing musicians. Rehearsals and band practices are taking place, whether you hear our drummers or singers, you will be impressed!

Venture through the school and out into our garden and pond area and you will spot pupils sowing seeds, potting plants and tending their much-loved crops. They are getting ready for harvest in Gardening Club.

Through the double doors and you will hear (and if you are lucky, a sneak peek) the latest, amazing school production. Our students are working away in Drama rehearsals! Year 7s are busy at getting creative in The Arts Project, which gives every student the opportunity to perform and develop their natural talents. Ahead of you Dance Club is in full swing! Join in if you want to learn some new moves!

Into Science and our young scientists are enthralled in Science Club. Experiments are taking place, things are about to be discovered! Come and have a look but WEAR YOUR GOGGLES!

Up the stairs we are exercising our creative minds. Art Club have the easels out, masterpieces are being created, sketchbooks are full, the kilns are warm and the clay is out.

Through the corridor and the world is your oyster! What language would you like to learn? Notre hub linguistique ne vous tiendra pas en arrière! Nuestro centro lingüístico no te mantendrá atrás!

Through to English and the debates are in full flow, opinions are being presented and challenged in a fun and healthy manner. Our future authors are scribing away in Creative Writing Club, some are settled into a good book in our amazing Library.

If you find yourself in checkmate after two moves you must be in Chess Club. You are playing our league leader who is still unbeaten, don’t worry though, they will teach you some key moves! Across the corridor and Maths Club are calculating the algorithms of a Rubik’s Cube whilst experimenting with all the different combinations of a deck of cards.

Around the corner and in ICT, Coding Club are sifting through code, making their own computer games and one step away from the next big internet breakthrough!

If sport is your thing, our PE department offer an endless array of seasonal sport clubs. Football, Netball, Rounders, Cricket, Basketball, Handball. Whatever your game, you’re in the team!

Whatever your interest, you will be able to pursue it at Kingsmead. We will support you through a wide range of extracurricular activities and opportunities. We will encourage you to discover and pursue your talents. If there is a club we do not offer, we will support you to set it up and give you a place to run it!

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