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Academic Intervention

In KS3, we have multiple ways that we work to support students who are below their expected progress to ensure that we do all that we can to help every single student to achieve their potential to be the best that they can be. Being their best version of themselves by closing these gaps is what will open doors to career pathways and opportunities in years to come.

1. Period 6 KS3 Subject Intervention

Students identified as being below their expected % score/target in a particular subject, based on assessments and progress data, will be selected to attend an intensive, regular intervention session for that subject. This might be at lunchtimes or after school at 3pm for period 6 sessions. It will be delivered by a subject specialist in smaller groups than regular lessons. The purpose of these lessons is to use the PLCs students complete during every scheme of learning, which clearly identify the gaps in skills and knowledge that need to develop, to focus their efforts on completing specific tasks that fill these gaps, led and supported by their subject teacher. The intervention programme will last for six weeks. At this point, the students will sit a mini re-test which will enable their teacher to judge whether they have developed sufficient skills and knowledge in their areas of development to have ‘closed that gap’. These interventions will occur every half term, targeting specific students every cycle.

Please note, during the Covid-19 pandemic, KS3 intervention has moved online. Every half term, students working below their expected target will be set a bespoke worklist of tasks that will aim to develop skills and knowledge that student need to develop in order to close the gaps created during Lockdown. The rigour and expectations remain the same as stated above.

2. Path to Success Programme
For students who are performing below their expected target in multiple subjects, we run the Path to Success programme three times a year, Sept-Dec, Jan-Apr, Apr-July. This runs in year 7, year 8 and year 9. Students under-performing across the board are assigned an academic mentor ( this could be their Progress leader, assistant progress leader, progress tutor) whom they will meet on a weekly basis to boost their progress and to encourage them to go the ‘extra mile’ in their learning.

Students on the programme receive a Path to Success booklet with three subjects listed as areas for improvement with a specific target based around aiming to achieve their expected percentage score/ to increase the % score in their next assessment in each subject; their task will be to attain 4 signatures from each of their class teachers for these subjects by completing a set menu of tasks aimed at helping your child reach the expected level in that subject. These will include:

• Complete the most challenging task successfully in a lesson
• Attending an extra session/ complete a worklist of tasks on Show my Homework to do subject related work (catch up or extra work)
• Enjoying a pivotal moment in their learning (a moment of realisation where they ‘get’ a key idea/concept)
• Ask the teacher for an additional piece of work on an area for improvement and complete it to the required standard.
• To lead other students in a learning activity in lesson
• To produce an outstanding piece of homework for one of your target subjects

Within the ‘Path to Success’ booklet they will need to complete a ‘reflective journal’, explaining what action they have taken during that week to work towards meeting their specific target in each subject. There are three reflective questions for them to respond to for each subject for the first five weeks.

To encourage the students, there are incentives and rewards for all of the students involved, including a £10 gift voucher of their choice if they meet all three targets, a £5 gift voucher for meeting 2 targets and a to be agreed prize between your child and mentor for meeting one, two or all of their three targets.

Ultimately, the aim is for the students to make progress and to close the gaps in their learning in these three subjects; however, it is also about changing mindsets and encouragement to be the best that you can be within the classroom. After the ten week programme ends, we measure the improvements using assessments and progress data to ascertain how successful the students have been – they then receive their fully deserved reward vouchers!

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