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How can I help my child with their exams?

Student taking exam amended 2

In this section, you will find helpful advice and information to support you in the build up to your exams.

To access revision resources for your specific subjects click here

For exam information from JCQ click here

For recommended revision guides click here


Hints and Tips

Revision: How to use past exam papers click here

GCSE Revision Tips for Teens and their Parents click here

How to make effective Revision Flash Cards click here

Revision: Mind Map Essentials click here

How to create a perfect Mind Map click here

How to Mind Map with Tony Buzan click here

How to make a Mind Map: The Basics click here

Understanding your Learning Style click here

Revision: How to get organised click here

Revision: Timetables and Planning click here

Create an Online Revision Timetable click here

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