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Systemic Leadership

At Kingsmead we believe that school improvement should be based on sound research. Changes should be made through systems with a proven track record for success and which support our ethos of an inclusive school with high quality lesson delivery at its heart.

The aim of our systemic leadership is to have a school where:

- Children are safe
- Children are happy
- Children have an excellent education
- Children and staff are respectful of each other
- Barriers to learning are removed for all
- We unlock and nurture the special talents of each individual, both staff and students

We want improvements to be sustainable, well thought out and understood by all. We believe that this happens when the changes are brought about through a well considered strategy with a systems that are well communicated, thoroughly QA'd and standardised across the school.

This is why leadership at Kingsmead runs through an interconnected set of systems created by a leadership team with a common vision through a staff body who understand the what and the why of what we do.

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