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Health & Social Care (BTEC Single & Double Award)

Welcome to the Sixth Form web page for the incredibly successful Health & Social Care department at Kingsmead!

We offer both the single award (equivalent to a 1 A-Level) and the double award (worth 2 A-Levels). This page will give you some information as to the differences between the two to help you to make the correct decision when choosing your options.

Health and Social Care is a unique and broad subject area that is essential for those students looking towards a career working with people. The course includes units that explore ‘Human Lifespan’ and ‘Development from Infancy to Later Adulthood’. It explores what it would be like to work in the Health and Social Care sector and offers a variety of experiences, including hands-on, in the skills needed to succeed there. This includes giving students the opportunity to apply Care Values to a person’s individual needs by creating a care plan for them.

The units that you will cover in the single qualification include:

* Human Lifespan Development (90 credits, externally set and assessed exam).
* Working in Health and Social Care (120 credits, externally set and assessed exam).
* Meeting Individuals Care and Support Needs (90 credits, internals assessed assignments).
* Supporting Individual With Additional Needs (60 credits, internals assessed assignments).

The double qualification covers the above units but also:

* Enquiries into Current Research in Health and Social Care (120 credits, externally set and assessed synoptic exam).
* Work Experience in Health and Social Care (60 credits, 100 hours minimum work placement hours and internally assessed assignments). Students will be required to find their own suitable placement and inform staff of their findings to allow staff to complete a Health and Safety check. DBS checks will be completed via the school and will require a range of different forms of ID.
* Principles of Safe Practices in Health and Social Care (90 credits, internally assessed assignments).
*  Promoting Public Health (90 credits, internally assessed assignments).

It is the work experience that is the main difference between the single and double qualification. For students taking the double award, the work experience forms an essential part of the course and has proven to be of great benefit when applying for further education courses or for paid employment. Many students have also found that it has broadened their horizons in terms of what they would like to do for their career after Sixth Form.

We have had some amazing success stories over the past years. Upon completing the course, many students will have the opportunity to continue their studies at University level or go straight into employment within the Health and Social Care sector.

Many of our students go on to study Nursing (Adult or Paediatrics), Midwifery, Primary Teaching, Teaching Assistance, Counselling and Social Working at universities across the UK. Students have also gone into paid employment within local care homes and similar settings following the successful completion of the course.

A qualification in Health & Social Care really does open a whole range of opportunities and experiences to you.

To find out more information, please contact Mrs Frazer (c.frazer@kingsmeadschool.net or m.russell@kingsmeadschool.net)