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ICT (Vocational)

An ICT page on the school website? No pressure then!

Firstly, welcome to one of the most popular and successful subjects in Kingsmead Sixth Form... Welcome to ICT!

Information communications technology (ICT) refers to the study of any technology that uses telecommunication to store, transmit or access digital information. It focuses on the way that modern technology affects our society and how we communicate. If you enjoy browsing the Internet, happen to own a smartphone or often spend time watching digital television, you’ve already got a pretty good handle on the types of technology ICT covers.

The Cambridge Technicals in ICT allows students to gain an insight into ICT and cybersecurity. A wide range of units and pathways provide students with practical and project-based opportunities to develop knowledge and skills in areas such as infrastructure, application development and data analysis.

The ICT qualification goes perfectly with other vocational qualifications at Kingsmead such as Business Studies, and Creative Digital Media Production.

Lessons are fairly independent and will allow you to gain a sound understanding of current ICT technologies and the practices that are essential for an ICT professional.

Tasks are usually report based and the qualification concentrates on how ICT is used within media, business and the workplace rather than the practical application of software. Students could, for example, look at the impact of social media on a business’s revenue. They will also explore potential ideas for a new application and develop the fundamental design for it.

The units you will cover include ‘Fundamentals of ICT’, ‘Global Information’ and ‘Application design’. The final two units are always decided to match the class’ skillset and interests.

Unsurprisingly, employers love students who have ICT qualifications especially when they have a Distinction or Distinction*!

To find out more information, please contact Mr Corbett (w.corbett@kingsmeadschool.net or m.russell@kingsmeadschool.net)