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Chemistry Reading List

Periodic Tales: The Curious Lives of the Elements (Paperback) Hugh Aldersey-Williams (ISBN-10: 0141041455)


 KS5 Chem Periodic Tales The Curious Lives of the Elements Hugh Aldersey Williams

This book covers the chemical elements, where they come from and how they are used. There are loads of fascinating insights into uses for chemicals you would have never even thought about.

The Science of Everyday Life: Why Teapots Dribble, Toast Burns and Light Bulbs Shine (Hardback) Marty Jopson (ISBN-10: 1782434186)


 KS5 Chem The Science of Everyday Life Why Teapots Dribble Toast Burns and Light Bulbs Shine Hardback Marty Jopson

The title says it all really, lots of interesting stuff about the things around you home!

Bad Science (Paperback) Ben Goldacre (ISBN-10: 000728487X)


 KS5 Chem Bad Science Ben Goldacre

Here Ben Goldacre takes apart anyone who published bad / misleading or dodgy science – this book will make you think about everything the advertising industry tries to sell you by making it sound ‘sciency’.

Calculations in AS/A Level Chemistry (Paperback) Jim Clark (ISBN-10: 0582411270)


 KS5 Chem Calculations in AS A Level Chemistry Jim Clark

If you struggle with the calculations side of chemistry, this is the book for you. Covers all the possible calculations you are ever likely to come across. Brought to you by the same guy who wrote the excellent www.chemguide.co.uk website.


Salters' Advanced Chemistry: Chemical Storylines

Do not feel you need to buy the latest edition (unless you are doing Salters chemistry!) You can pick up an old edition for a few pounds on ebay, gives you a real insight into how chemistry is used to solve everyday problems from global pollution through feeding to world to making new medicines to treat disease.

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