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Progress Teams

A Progress Leader prompted progress in learning for students in their year groups.

This is done by removing barriers to progress such as targeted academic intervention , behaviour , promoting positive wellbeing , attendance and many other things.

Progress Leaders are responsible for creating an ethos for their year group, something that is positive and supportive to enable all students to be the best that they can be.

They oversee assemblies , the tutor time programme , analyse progress data for all students in their year group and implement actions and interventions accordingly.

Your child's Progress Leader will be central to the educational journey they experience at Kingsmead.

Progress Team: 

Mr T Truby – Assistant Headteacher (Progress): t.truby@kingsmeadschool.net

 KS3 2021 107

Mrs K Greenwood – Senior Leader: k.greenwood@kingsmeadschool.net

K Greenwood 1 2025 

Mr J Taylor – Progress Leader Year 7: j.taylor@kingsmeadschool.net

KS3 2021 101

Mr R Dyke – Progress Leader Year 8: r.dyke@kingsmeadschool.net

R Dyke 2021 105

Mrs J Williams – Assistant Progress Leader Year 8: j.williams@kingsmeadschool.net

KS3 J Williams 2021 100

Mrs G Taylor – Progress Leader Year 9: g.taylor@kingsmeadschool.net

G Taylor 2021 104 

Miss R Hall – Assistant Progress Leader Year 9: r.hall@kingsmeadschool.net

R Hall 2021 103

Mrs T Milner – Progress Leader Year 10: t.milner@kingsmeadschool.net

T Milner 2021 102

Mrs L Finch – Progress Leader Year 11: l.finch@kingsmeadschool.net

L Finch 2026

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