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Schemes of Learning

We are updating this section to allow for adjustments following our COVID-19 response. Despite over 98% regular engagement from students on a day by day basis, we recognise that learning in this time will be affected.

We have a programme of measures to identify any potential gaps in knowledge and skills quickly in all years. This will feed into our schemes of learning so that students succeed.

The Long Term plans

These map out what key content and skills are taught across each half term, in each subject, in each year. The golden threads for each subject are included as skills or concepts that run through from KS2 to KS5. Cross-curricular links further go to support the retention and retrieval of golden threads and are mapped on our long term plans.

Schemes of Learning

These are a blueprint for learning in the classroom. They take:

  • the National Curriculum
  • subject long term plan
  • golden thread skills common throughout the different years
  • common misconceptions
  • links between what has previously been taught and what is going to be in the future...

and map out a route for students to follow. They allow for greater consistency within the classrooms and the sharing of best practice throughout the departments.

They are flexible enough to respond to each student's individual needs.

We will update this page in September 2020 to show the new long term plans and schemes of learning.

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