Careers Programme

Futures Programme


Kingsmead School is fully committed to careers education and guidance for all its students in preparing them for a successful future when they do eventually leave us to enter the world of work.


The Careers team deliver the Futures drop down day programme from Year 7 through to Year 13.  As you can see below, each Year has a different Futures day.  The days interconnect and provide valuable impartial advice throughout students' time at Kingsmead.  Often there are different pathways for students to choose, reflecting their particular interests and aspirations.


Careers Education and Guidance is also taught within the pastoral curriculum for all Key stages (3,4,5).


We have rich partnerships with many local businesses and organisations to support our programme of Careers Education.  We are currently prioritising careers education within class lessons as well as pastoral time and futures days.  We feel this provides additional relevance to lessons and context to what they are learning.  As described in approach to Learning and Teaching we feel it is important that students understand ‘why’ they are learning what they are learning.


As students move into Year 11, they each receive an individual consultation with a member of the Leadership Team to discuss their Next Steps in January and February.  Some students also receive an additional meeting at the end of October.  Their current progress is discussed alongside post 16 provision and external organisations support this phase of information, advice and guidance for our students.


The purpose of careers education for each year at Kingsmead


Year 7 – Self-awareness and introduction to world of work skills


Year 8 – Employability skills


Year 9 – Careers exploration and aspirations


Year 10 – Employability and transferable skills


Year 11 – Post 16 option choices and decision making


6th form – Developing skills for university, further education and successfully entering the world of work


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