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Kingsmead Farm

Kingsmead Farm

At Kingsmead School, we believe in the power of outdoor learning and its unique benefits when it comes to working with animals. That’s why we feel Kingsmead Farm is not only a valuable asset to our school, but also an exceptional learning and wellbeing tool for our students. Through outdoor activities, students have the chance to engage with animals in their natural environments, fostering a deeper understanding of their behaviour, needs and habitats. Children at Kingsmead can form a strong sense of responsibility and pride through close involvement with our Kingsmead animals. 


Outdoor learning with our animals offers several advantages; it allows students to observe animal behaviour in real-world contexts, enhancing their understanding of animal welfare and management practices. It also provides a platform for students to develop empathy, responsibility and respect for the natural world. Interacting with animals outdoors also promotes physical activity, mental wellbeing, personal growth, teamwork and problem-solving skills, helping to foster an holistic approach to animal care. 

 Our animal enclosures are a big part of the Kingsmead blueprint, with enclosures surrounding the school, immersing students into farm life and allowing them to learn on the go. Information on each animal is easily accessible from the corridors, encouraging learning throughout the school day, not just in lessons. 


Meet the Animals

Here is a list of our current residents at Kingsmead Farm, as you walk round school, see who you can spot!