How is my child’s progress measured (Years 7-9)?

Kingsmead School has developed a new assessment and reporting system for use with Years 7, 8 and 9, which does not use GCSE grades.

At Kingsmead, students are assessed at least once every six-weeks (teaching cycle) in each subject. This allows the school to provide an update on the student performance in each subject. The only exception to this is the performance subjects in KS3 (Art, Drama, Music and Technology). Assessment in these performance subjects takes place during alternate cycles (two, four and six).

The progress of students is measured by comparing each individual’s performance in their six-weekly cycle assessment to the average performance of a group of students, with similar starting points (Year 6 SATS results).

Kingsmead School progress reports include a ‘Progress check’ column, which confirms whether a student’s progress and performance in each subject is:

  • ‘Above Expected’;

  • ‘Met Expected’; or

  • ‘Below Expected’.


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