My Child At School – Parent Communication Tool

What is My Child At School?

All of Kingsmead’s communications with parents are now shared through one platform - ‘My Child at School’, or the MCAS.

MCAS also enables parents to view their child’s academic performance in real-time via a web browser or APP. 

It is very important that you download the app and enable push notifications, as this will allow us to notify you about upcoming school events, as well as share important letters. You will then need to make a regular habit of checking the Announcements module when you receive the push notifications – we don’t want you to miss anything!


What else does it do?

As well as receiving communications from school via the Announcements module, you can use the app to: 

  • view the medical information we hold for your child in the Data Collection Form module; 

  • track your child’s percentage attendance, using the Attendance module; 

  • monitor your child’s XP awards in Behaviour; 

  • help organise any revision using Exam Timetables; 

  • access electronic copies of your child’s reports and personal learning checklists (PLCs) in Reports; 

  • ensure your child is always prepared for their lessons, with Timetable; and 

  • check the term dates using Academic Calendar. 

> Find out more here! 


Don' miss out - DOWNLOAD NOW!

Please download the MCAS app now and discover what you have been missing.

The MCAS App is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be found using the links below. 

To sign in, simply open the app, click on “Forgot Password?” and follow the instructions. If asked to enter your email address, please ensure you enter the email address you have registered with Kingsmead School. Once you have set your password, go back to the app and enter your email address and password into the login page. 



Using MCAS will also help to protect the school’s finances, as we will not have to pay for a separate messaging service. 
Please note, parents and carers should continue to make all payments via ParentPay and home learning will continue to be set for students via Satchel One. 
If you need any support with accessing MCAS, email us now at