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Parent Links

At Kingsmead School, we work closely with parents and carers to support their children to make informed career choices. Parents and carers are encouraged to attend the careers events and curriculum electives and partnership evenings.

Parents and carers are always welcome to attend their child's careers interview or after school workshop. If you would like to attend a careers appointment with your child or seek advice and ask any questions regarding careers pathways, please contact Mrs Kendall at school Monday - Friday.

An Audience with...
An opportunity to meet and ask questions of an expert in the career your child is interested in. Guests from a wide range of careers meet small groups of interested students after school. Sessions are arranged to match students' career aspirations as shared from the school questionnaire. See the programme of events for more information

Website links
Please use the attached page. We have selected a number of useful websites that help give further information around a range of careers and possible training routes.