Academic Excellence


Kingsmead Library

At the heart of the school, you will find the library – a quiet sanctuary for all book lovers. There are plenty of comfy sofas where you can lose yourself in a book or chat quietly to a friend about what you are reading. Or you could even grab a beanbag and sequester yourself under our very own library tree! There are also computers and revision materials available, for those wanting to complete homework, embark on research tasks, or get ahead with their exam preparation. Nestled away in the library is the Room of Curiosities, our magical school museum, which is regularly visited by library-goers. 

In terms of the books themselves, our school library boasts an impressive catalogue of titles, spanning all genres and catering to all reading abilities. Whether you want a quick laugh via a comic book or to take the plunge into an immersive series, such as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, Kingsmead’s library has it all. You will also find a substantial range of non-fiction titles, covering everything from local history to scientific mystery, or you could read about the Titanic, or one of many other historical events, or fascinating and inspiring figures from the past such as Ada Lovelace or Anne Frank. Additionally, there is our hefty sports section, with a plethora of exciting titles on everything football!

Pupils are at the centre of our ever-evolving library culture, whether by volunteering as library ambassadors, designing new displays, or by taking part in one of the many events in the library throughout the year. For example, there are termly poetry readings where students can take to the open mic and read out their written verse. Throughout your studies at Kingsmead, you may also be awarded with a book token, entitling you to one free book (for keeps!) from our book vending machine.

The library is open every day before school from 8-8:25am and after school until 4pm. It is also open at break times for KS3 and some lunch times too.