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Did you know - MCAS Attendance

The Attendance area shows an at-a-glance view of the currently-selected child’s attendance for the AM and PM sessions. You can click/tap on any day to see the mark for AM/PM, and you can use the dropdown menu at the top to look at previous years.

Did you know - MCAS Behaviour

The Behaviour area works in a similar way to Attendance – you can see the days your child was given any type of Behaviour Point, and if you click or tap on a day you will see what subject and teacher awarded the point. You can also use the dropdown at the top to change the year and view historic information.


 Did you know - MCAS Behaviour

Under Detentions, you can view any recent or upcoming PREP or R&R sessions that have been scheduled for the currently-selected child, as well as details about them such as their attendance to the session.

Did you know - MCAS Reports

Did you know, we upload electronic copies of your child’s progress reports and personal learning checklists to the MCAS Reports module? Using these together with the Blended Learning Platform, you can ensure that your child always closes the gaps in their knowledge and skills.

Did you know - MCAS Exam Timetables

Did you know, you can view the time and venue of your child’s mock examinations in the MCAS Exam Timetables module? Using this together with the exam page of the school website will ensure that your child arrives promptly to their mock examinations, equipped to succeed.