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Lyceum Society

What does the Lyceum Society mean?

Around 2380 years ago, Aristotle created a school designed to educate the brightest and best minds in Greece for one purpose and one purpose alone, to become future leaders of the world. 

At Kingsmead, we have created our own Lyceum Society, and mirror Aristotle's vision of educating students to follow their dreams. Our Lyceum Society makes that a reality by raising aspirations and offering students the opportunities needed for them to be successful.  


What does the Lyceum Society offer?

The Lyceum Society has one key purpose which is to create opportunities to allow students to attend Oxbridge universities (Oxford or Cambridge). The programme starts in year 12 (September) and finishes in year 13 (December) where students will graduate. During the programme, students will visit both Oxford and Cambridge allowing them to experience their potential future path. Bespoke workshops are held involving in-depth sessions on writing personal statements to Oxbridge standard, interview training and more. Additionally, we support students in applying for 'blue chip' work experience (nearly all companies are part of the fortune 500) to give them the experience that will make their applications successful. The skills developed (critical thinking, logic, in-depth subject knowledge etc.) create the foundations for our students to not just succeed, but excel in their post 18 journeys.
Sound good? Take a look at our learning journey at the bottom to see how your path could unfold. 

 Don't take our word for it, let our current members share their success:


How can I apply?

Great news! You don't have to. Students with a GCSE score of 6.5 are automatically enrolled at Sixth Form. The average score comes from English, Maths and Science (all one grade each) plus two of their highest (Btecs excluded).