Parent Resources - PSHE

How it can help
1 Period Poverty Girls assembly Our assembly that we provide students around period poverty Assembly
2 Puberty Handout A handout to support explaining periods to teenage children Puberty handout
3 Period handout A guide to help explain periods to teenage children Period handout
4 Contraception advice Advice on having conversations about contraception, types and staying safe Contraception advice
5 Breaking up from a relationship Advice to support teenage children as they navigate relationship breakups Breaking up
6 Child Sexual Exploitation Recognising the signs of this and know how to support teenage children CSE
7 LGBTQ Advice and support about LGBTQ LGBTQ
8 PMS and PMDD Information on the difference between PMS and PMDD and where to get support PMS, PMDD and mental health
9 Drugs Information about drugs and the dangers What are drugs?
10 Alcohol Information about alcohol and the dangers What is alcohol