Parent Resources - Emotional and mental health

How it can help
1 Wellbeing information for flyers This introduces the Kingsmead wellbeing team Wellbeing team
2 Tellmi  A way that we can support student mental health and wellbeing through a supported app Tellmi
3 Tellmi explained More information about how Tellmi works Tellmi explained
4 Emotional based school avoidance This explains what EBSA is , what the risk factors are and how it can happen. EBSA Leaflet
5 Kingsmead top tips to managing emotions How we recommend parents support students managing their emotions Top tips for emotions
6 Action for children posters Contacts and support for students with anxiety, autism and neurodiversity Action for children
7 Coping with exam stress Managing exam stress in school every mind matters
8 Kind minds issue A newsletter sharing useful tips on how to support children of secondary school age kind minds
9 Stress and how to manage it What stress is and how to reduce stress factors in our school positive ways to reduce stress factors at school
10 Links to external agencies Contacts to find help from mental health and wellbeing support services in the local area

Internal services

External services