Curriculum Overview

The Kingsmead Curriculum

The Kingsmead curriculum is broad and inspiring and has been carefully designed and sequenced to ensure pupils achieve the depth of knowledge and mastery of skills essential for each subject. Pupils are provided with opportunities to take their curriculum beyond the classroom, through home learning and extra and super-curricular activities. They develop the Kingsmead values of Resilience, Innovation, Mindfulness and Employability in all subjects. The curriculum raises the aspirations of pupils, develops their character and fosters a love of learning so that all pupils can reach their potential and are thoroughly prepared for the next stages of their education and future careers.

A student’s learning journey at Kingsmead is mapped in 3 ways:

The Subject Curriculum Journey: 
Subject specific knowledge and skills taught in each  curriculum area. Our students follow carefully sequenced scheme of learning, planned and documented as a long and mid-term learning plans that champion cross curricular links, development of RIME values and career links. The core content and key skills of each unit are communicate with pupils and parents using our Personal Learning Checklists (PLCs). 

The Personal Development Journey: The statutory strands of RS, LIMB, Prevent and SMSC is taught to our pupils through our personal development scheme of learning. It is explicitly taught through the tutor time programme but also woven through our subject curriculum.

The Kingsmead Vision Journey: A wealth of opportunities to develop the character and cultural capital of our pupils; including ‘The Kingsmead Edge’, Student Leadership, Enrichment activities, XP rewards system, Innovation days, Employability days and  Futures days.