Curriculum Overview

A student’s learning journey at Kingsmead is mapped in 3 ways:

The Subject Curriculum Journey
 where the subject specific knowledge of each curriculum area that students will study is planned and documented as a long and midterm learning plan and then mapped for each year group highlighting cross curricular common golden threads

The Personal Development Journey which covers the statutory strands of RS, LIMB, prevent and SMSC

The Kingsmead Vision Journey including mapping of ‘The Kingsmead Edge’, Leadership opportunities, XP rewards system, innovation days, employability days, futures days and cultural capital passport, as well as a wealth of opportunities to develop character and take part in culturally enriching experiences 

The ‘Vision Journey’ in Year 10

Year 10 is such an important year and it starts with reflecting on Key stage 3, the journey so far and setting your GCSE goals going forward.

Students have the opportunity to become a prefect in preparation for their future in Sixth Form, as an apprentice or in college.

The cross-curricular innovation day offers opportunities to look at taking initiative, the importance of ‘effort’ and we will look at some real stories about teenagers who have made a difference through innovation.

Students who have not yet visited a museum have the opportunity at the start of Year 10 helping to develop their cultural capital and hopefully create a lifelong love of learning as well as curiosity.

Students visit the World Skills Show where they are exposed to life changing opportunities and experiences which challenge their ideas on what the future will look like and their place within it.

Continuing the development of leadership skills and enterprise students have the opportunity to organise the Christmas Fayre working with the PTFA in November. This is always the highlight of the winter term and is an experience for students and staff.

In December Year 10 are privileged to be invited to a Sikh Gurdwara where they experience how Sikhs worship and have a tour of the Gurdwara. They have different sessions where they can taste the food in the langar hall and can explore the Sikh faith with a representative of the Sikh faith.

Opportunities are available during the Futures Fayre to meet with up to 50 universities, businesses and providers. Students get timely support and advice about the options they have and how to secure the future careers and further education they would need for this.

At this point in Year 10 the understanding of how to revise effectively and ensure that knowledge is successfully applied is crucial and the previous three years have been utilised to nurture the skills and abilities needed to successfully take public examinations. There is an opportunity at this point in Year 10 to revisit students’ favourite and most effective methods of revising and successfully completing examinations as well as experiencing the latest research from the Education Endowment Foundation in how we make learning effective. Students spend a day with an expert in this field so that they are well prepared and have better mental health as they enter the Year 10 mocks.

After the examination process students have the exciting opportunity to take part in two projects around working with their community.

The Nature Research project is where students get the opportunity to make a real difference to their local community working with Hednesford Council.

Clean Air Day is the UK’s largest air pollution campaign. This allows our Year 10 pupils to have a voice on a national scale, sharing their views and principles on a local and national level in tackling climate change. This embeds the key value of employability and preparing Year 10 for life beyond Kingsmead, as they prepare to enter their final years within the security of our school community.

The year concludes with students having the opportunity to reflect on their outcomes in the examinations, undertake the pathway to Sixth Form program to support effective transition and enjoy a rewarding week of team building, leadership and fun during activity week. 


The ‘Vision Journey’ in Year 11

The year starts with reflection sessions in Year 11 where students revisit the goals that they set for Year 11 at the end of Year 10. Year 11 has a high focus of the examinations which will take part at the end of the year however there are still many opportunities to lead through the Operation Christmas Child collections and volunteering to support younger students complete the Kingsmead Edge.

Preparation for effective transition at the end of Year 11 is an important part of the work that staff do with students in Year 11 and this starts early on with visits to Cambridge University or other Russell Group universities to give all students a taste of what it would be like to study in these establishments.

September and October also build well-being in students through thinking of others at a Buddhist temple and learning to love yourself through positive reinforcement during mental health week.

Looking forward and planning the next stages of their journey is very important to Year 11 students and opportunity to do this is effectively provided through the National Citizenship qualification as well as personalised support in effective revision completing their suite of development and training on effective learning, walking talking mocks, ‘Futures Fayre’ and Sixth Form Open Evening.

During and leading up to the exam season in May to June the Key Stage 4 staff offer support and well-being checks for all students. Past papers, examiners reports and revision materials are available from the Key Stage 4 Hub and well-being experiences around the positive impact of animals are made available throughout the exam period.

The academic year ends with a celebration of everything that our young people have become at the Year 11 Graduation Prom: truly resilient, innovative, mindful and employable, achieving the best outcomes that they could possibly achieve.