Accessing and navigating the Blended Learning Platform

Accessing the Blended Learning Platform 

The blended learning platform supports what we do in school to help address any gaps in your child’s knowledge or skills.

Direct access

Students can access the platform by clicking this link and signing in using their school credentials (email and password).

Access via the Intranet

Alternatively, students can click on the Login link on the school website. On the Login page, students should click on the 'intranet' link and login using their school credentials. Once the school 'intranet' page has loaded, one of the first ‘core’ icons is the blended learning platform. The symbol is a computer and an exercise book ‘blended.’ Click on this and it takes you to the platform.


Navigating the Blended Learning Platform

Once on the platform, you can scroll down the page to find the list of subject links. Clicking on any of these subject links will open a new subject page.

Our BLP home page

On the subject page, you can select your child’s year group, this will take you to the PLC page, with tables for each unit of work, or 'cycle'.

The KS3 English page

The Y7 English PLC page

Scrolling down the page, you will see the PLC tables for each cycle.

The Y7 English Cycle 4 PLC

If your child has not been able to show a deep understanding of a particular statement yet, they can use the “Help” links to revisit that aspect of a topic and the “Upgrade” task to show that they now understand that area.


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