Academic Excellence

Innovation Areas

Kingsmead’s innovation rooms bring learning alive.

We have worked with our staff, students and parents to create unique environments that immerse students in a world of learning. These are helping to inspire creative writing, draw out critical thinking, spark innovative ideas and encourage effective discussion.


They ensure learning is ‘sticky.’ Students remember and can connect with the learning making mental models of what they have understood.

Innovation rooms support student wellbeing. They appreciate the uniqueness and the chance to learn in a different way. They rightly feel cared for and looked after.

They are proving incredibly useful as a solution to potential barriers to progress. For example supporting extended writing and building writing stamina following the years of disruption from the Covid lockdowns.

How do they work?

Our talented staff construct the curriculum with the rooms in mind. Opportunities are made to visit and enhance learning with the innovation rooms. Our schemes of learning ensure that the best uses are kept and carried forward for futures years. Students help to find ways to use the innovation rooms such as with the High Flyers programme, the student leadership team and the Enterprise club.


How can we help?

We are seeing the hugely positive effect of innovation rooms to students’ learning. If you feel you could help in any way either in terms of resources or ideas please contact Mr Cope (Deputy Head).