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February Mock Exams (Y12)

A letter outlining the arrangements for the upcoming February mock exam season is below. The season will run from Tuesday, 7th February to Thursday, 9th February. 

March MOCK EXAMS (Year 11 & 13)

The upcoming March mock examination season will commence from Monday, 13th March and will run until Friday, 17th March.

Students will sit two exams on most days. The first exam will start at 8.30am and the second will start from 1.30pm.

A detailed outline of the arrangements can be found in the letter below. The full outline timetable for the mock season is also linked below.

Students should also take the time to read our 'Student Guide to Exams' document (below), as well as the JCQ Information for Candidate documents.


The provisional schedule of exams being sat by Kingsmead students can be found below.

As in previous years, JCQ and the exam boards have added a ‘contingency day’ date to the exam calendar in case of major national or local disruption to exams. Exams may be moved to this date if required.

The date that has been designated is Wednesday, 28th June 2022 which will be after the end of the scheduled GCSE exams.

Please be aware that if the contingency date is used, your child may have an exam/s moved to this day and therefore care should be taken before making arrangements, such as booking holidays, on this date.


These documents have been written to help you. Read them carefully and follow the instructions.

If there is anything that you do not understand, please speak to Miss. Harding or Mr. Morris.