About Us


The school has undergone a great deal of work in recent years to upgrade its facilities. We’ve spent around £2m both refurbishing existing areas of the school and creating new ones. The works have included new rooves and windows, complete toilet refurbishments, remodelling of the language rooms to create new classrooms, improvements to the House of Pi and our kitchens, the brand new Glasshouse on the playground and much more. This summer will be no different, as we continue the process of improving our facilities to support the delivery of a high standard of education.

The school is growing in popularity, and each year our student numbers rise. In September our Technology department has greater numbers than ever, and we’re adapting teaching space accordingly. C10 is one of the schools largest classrooms, and in much the same way that we remodelled our Languages department last summer, we’re making the classroom and two adjoining storage spaces into two classrooms to accommodate the growing popularity of the subject. Food Technology will also see expansion as we remodel the area of the school to allow for more cookers. The cookery room and adjoining classroom will be refurbished at the same time, and new equipment will be purchased, including a complete set of new cookers and additions to refrigeration.

In B block we continue our toilet refurbishments. In the same way that we altered the toilets at the other end of the block, we’ll be using office space in front of the old toilets to create new ones, with a new classroom in place of the old ones.

A long-term plan for refurbishing our Science rooms also begins this summer, with C5 being the first room to receive a full refit which will extend to all Science classrooms over the course of the next three years.

Works have been completed on the car parks at the top of the school on Wood Lane which will allows parents and guardians to pull onto Rocky Park to drop off students through one gate and exit through the other, alleviating the pressure on the roads around school and reducing the danger for pedestrians at busy times. More details of this will go out to parents before September.

And finally, we will be asking students, parents, staff and our governors to help us with a project which will help people – especially new students – to find their way around the school by giving our corridors street names! More details will be sent to you before we break up for summer and we’ll be looking to put your ideas into action early in the next academic year.